A groundbreaking new approach to family engagement in addiction treatment!

Addiction can be treated and recovery is possible—for the entire family.




Jim Savage has been a leader in the addiction field for over thirty years, and is dedicated to improving treatment outcomes through effective family support. His book, Rehab Works! A Parent's Guide to Drug Treatment spells out everything families need to know to give their loved one the best chance for treatment success.


The premise of Rehab Works! is that the chances for treatment success are greatly improved when the family regards this as an interactive process in which they have much more to do with the outcome than is generally realized.  And this starts with learning everything they can about how treatment works.

RehabWorks Learning Management System

A new horizon for family engagement in addiction treatment

In an exciting new development for the world of addiction treatment, Jim Savage now delivers Rehab Works! through an innovative online format that increases family engagement by allowing them to work from the convenience of their home—from the moment of admission!

          • Immediate family engagement

          • Alignment: Between the client, the family, and the clinical team

          • Increased client accountability

          • Improved outcomes

"This program was so helpful for us! I especially loved that I could fit it in around my work schedule and obligations with my other kids."

— Parent of an 18-year-old treatment client


•    The Treatment Process

•    Stages Of Change

•    Continuum Of Care

•    Relapse Prevention

•    Triggers

•    Codependency

•    Family Recovery

•    Peer-based Support (12-Step, SMART, etc.)

•    Al-Anon

•    Defining Treatment Success

Now—RehabWorks for the entire family!

While Rehab Works! was originally written to provide support specifically to parents of teen or young adult treatment clients, the majority of the material is applicable for any family member. The new RehabWorks Family Support Program has  been revised to include spouses, siblings, or even adult children of treatment clients.

Adolescent treatment: Allows parents to take of control of their child's treatment.

Adult treatment: Family members learn how to provide effective support while maintinaing healthy boundaries.


Meet Jim Savage. A veteran addiction counselor who has spent his entire career helping young people and their families overcome substance use problems. His message to you is simple: Rehab Works! And he’s going to show you how.