A groundbreaking new approach to family engagement in addiction treatment!

The RehabWorks Family Support Program: Overview

WHO: For parents, spouses, or other family members of substance abuse treatment clients

WHAT: Add-in enhancement to family services provided by treatment facilities

WHERE: Families work on the course from the convenience of their own home, on their favorite mobile device


Families can begin the course the moment their loved one begins treatment!

Families work the course on their own time, at their own pace

WHY: Improve treatment outcomes through effective family support

"This program is amazing. It bridges the gap between the client, the family, and the treatment team."

Cherye Callegan, MD

Medical Director, Healing Springs Ranch

Allows families to be involved in their loved one's treatment from the convenience of their favorite mobile device.



The program consists of four modules designed to be completed during the primary phase of treatment—regardless of whether that's three weeks or three months. Specially developed material provides families with valuable tools for treatment support and helps them be proactive in working towards a successful outcome for their loved one.

MODULE I: What's The Problem?

• Substance Use Disorder: "What does it mean to have a drug problem?"

• Addresses common areas of misinformation, misperceptions, and DENIAL

• Levels the conversation (alignment) and removes potential barriers to treatment due to denial

MODULE II: Preparing For Treatment Success

• Tools for effective family support

• Setting boundaries to restore family stability

• Giving your loved one the best chance for treatment success

MODULE IV: Family Recovery

• Impact of addiction on the family

• Codependency

• Al-Anon

• Family recovery and treatment success

MODULE III: Creating A Solid For Recovery

• Stages of Change: No cracks in the foundation!

• Developing an effective recovery plan:

     — Professional care: Continuum of care

     — Peer-based support programs (12-Step, SMART Recovery, etc.)

     — Lifestyle changes (Relapse prevention)

How it works:

a. Easy Implementation:

          • Family receives access code at time of admission. Can begin immediately by simply logging in on mobile device.

          • Available to any family member who chooses to participate; it's as easy as sending them an email!

          • Each family member creates their own account and can work on their own schedule.

          • Designed to be completed during the primary phase of treatment—whether three weeks or three months.

b. Learning Management System: Innovative online delivery of valuable treatment resources

          • Exclusive educational material from Rehab Works!

          • Tools for monitoring progress and integrating with the treatment team

          • Supplements existing family programming

Engaging videos


Interactive worksheets

Tools for monitoring progress

Integration with treatment team

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