A groundbreaking new approach to family engagement in addiction treatment!


Family participation in addiction treatment can play a huge role in treatment success. Yet one of the most common challenges treatment providers face is how to achieve effective family engagement. Many offer excellent family programs that include weekly groups, intensive family weeks, family therapy, and more.

But the fact remains: Families aren't in treatment with the client.

And this creates a gap that prevents them from being involved in a way that maximizes the level of support they are able to provide for their loved one.


A Learning Management System for families of addiction treatment clients

The Rehab Works! Family Support Program is a remarkably convenient product that provides a solution for effective family engagement from the moment of admission.

Specially designed material leads to more effective family support and client acountability:

          • Improved treatment plan compliance

          • Extended lengths of stay

          • Decreased AMA discharges

          • Improved outcomes

A valuable addition to any substance use disorder treatment program:

          • Cost effective

          • Easy implementation

          • Relieves staff burden

          • Co-branded for your program

          • Flexible options for training and implementation


Intervention and admission     

In some cases, portions of RehabWorks can be used as a valuable tool to help families of prospective clients move ahead in the decision to obtain treatment. As such, the program gives admission and business development specialists the opportunity to provide a unique resource that:

          • Educates and motivates the family to take action

          • Instills confidence in the facility by engaging the prospective client with an attractive feature

Differentiation in the marketplace       

Set your program apart with this game-changing innovation in the addiction treatment field! Making RehabWorks part of your program opens the door to a substantial number of marketing and business development opportunities:  

          • Insurance companies: Improved outcomes

          • Accrediting organizations: Dedication to treatment quality

          • The RehabWorks platform: Critically acclaimed book and related promotion


The RehabWorks Family Support Program is delivered as an add-in enhancement for substance use disorder treatment programs:

• Adult


• Adolescent


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