Meet Jim Savage. A veteran addiction counselor who has spent his entire career helping young people overcome substance use problems. His message to you is simple: Rehab works! And he’s going to show you how.

Whether you just dropped your child off at a treatment facility, are just in the beginning stages of addressing a problem, or are already well into the treatment process, the material in this course will put you in the best postion possible for treatment success.

An online course based on material from Rehab Works!, Jim Savage's book that helps parents navigate the road to successful recovery for a child with a drug or alcohol problem.

Gain tools for treatment success

• Be more actively engaged in your child's treatment

• Create a family system that supports recovery


"If your teen or young adult child is being treated for a substance abuse or addiction problem, this information is a must!" —Cherye Callegan, MD


Get started the moment your children begins treatment—from the convenience of your favorite mobile device!