A groundbreaking new approach to family engagement in addiction treatment!

The RehabWorks Family Support Program

WHO: For parents, spouses, or other family members of substance abuse treatment clients

WHAT: An online learning platform for families of SUD treatment clients

WHERE: Families work on the course from the convenience of their own home, on their favorite mobile device


Families can begin the course the moment their loved one begins treatment!

Families work the course on their own time, at their own pace

WHY: Improve treatment outcomes through effective family support

"This program is amazing. It bridges the gap between the client, the family, and the treatment team." — Cherye Callegan, MD

                                                                                                                                                                               Medical Director, The Ranch at Dove Tree

Welcome to RehabWorks

Family participation has long been recognized as an integral part of substance use disorder treatment. And despite all the advances we've made in developing effective family programs, one of the most common challenges treatment providers continue to face is "How do we get the family more involved in treatment?"

Introducing: The RehabWorks Family Support Program

Now there's solution that allows families to be actively involved in their loved one's treatment from the moment of admission. RehabWorks not only solves the problem of family engagement, it delivers a highly specialized, exclusive curriculum that gives families the tools for providing the kind of support that's going to give their loved one the best chance possible for treatment success.

A message to families affected by addiction from Jim Savage, LCDC, creator of RehabWorks

"This course has been immensely helpful for my husband and me. And I especially love that I can work on it around by other kids' schedules!"

— Jill B., mother of a 19-old treatment client

Loved one in treatment?

3 easy steps to getting ahead of a drug or alcohol problem:

1. Click on the link: RehabWorks

2. Sign up for the course

3. Start right away!



(Professional Affiliate Program)


(Licensing to providers)


(Direct sale to general public)

• Support  for families impacted by substance misuse

• Clinical support options

• Enhance your clinical practice

• Ideal  for intervention support

• Facilitator training

• Treatment facility offers RehabWorks to families

•  Integrates with clinical team

• Improves treatment outcomes


How it works:

a. Easy Implementation:

          • Family either a) purchases course directly, or b) receives access code from treatment  provider

          • Log in and begin working the course immediately

          • Available to any family member who chooses to participate; it's as easy as sending them an email!

          • Each family member creates their own account and can work on their own schedule

          • Designed to be completed during the primary phase of treatment—whether three weeks or three months

b. Learning Management System: Innovative online delivery of valuable treatment resources

          • Exclusive educational material from Rehab Works!

          • Tools for monitoring progress and integrating with the treatment team

          • Supplements existing family programming


Interactive worksheets

Tools for monitoring progress

(Click image to view sample video)

Integration with treatment team


c. Comprehensive multi-media platform:

Engaging videos

Adolescent and Young Adult Drug Treatment: 100% SUCCESS

"What’s your success rate?” is the first question many parents ask when deciding on a treatment program for their child. The correct answer is 100% or 0%. It depends on the individual.

The good news is REHAB WORKS!

Becoming an educated consumer by learning how treatment works allows parents to take control and create the best chance for landing in the 100% category. Rehab Works! spells out everything parents need to understand substance use disorders, how they are treated, and most important, what they can do to give their child the best chance for success.

•    The Treatment Process

•    Stages Of Change

•    Continuum Of Care

•    Relapse Prevention

•    Triggers

•    12 Step Recovery

•    Young People And AA/NA

•    Al-Anon

•    Family Recovery

•    Treatment Success

Rehab Works!

A Parent's Guide To Drug Treatment

Here's what people are saying about Rehab Works!

"I found this book while our daughter was in her second rehab. I wish we would have had this information during her first treatment. It could have saved a lot of heartache that resulted from a bad relapse."

— Jenny W.

Parent of an 18-year-old daughter in recovery

"An outstanding analysis of 'what works' and what 'doesn't work' in addiction treatment. Full of practical advice that will lead to treatment success."

— David Sack, MD

CMO, Elements Behavioral Health

“Informative and reassuring, Rehab Works! is an essential guidebook for every parent facing the challenge of treating a child for chemical dependency.”

Sonnee D. Weedn, Ph.D.

     Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Course Overview

Module I: What's The Problem?

   • Understanding Substance  Use Disorder

   • Levels the conversation and removes denial

Module II:  Preparing For Treatment Success

   • The family's role in treatment success

   • Tools for setting boundaries and eliminating enabling

   • Family recovery

Module III:  Creating A Solid Foundation For Treatment Success

   • Avoiding common cracks in  the foundation

   • Measuring  treatment progress

   • Preparing for discharge

Click video for a fun preview of the RehabWorks Family Support Program