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"The vast untapped potential that the family represents with regard to treatment outcomes."

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See how RehabWorks strengthens treatment programs through a sophisticated blend of family education and clinical integration.


The videos below provide a hands-on example of how RehabWorks directly supports treatment planning from two important perspectives:

• Length of stay

•Treatment plan compliance

A message to treatment providers from Jim Savage, LCDC

Preventing ASA Discharge

The video above is from a staff training module that demonstrates how RehabWorks can be used to reinforce treatment plan goals. A case study is presented that illustrates how Rehabworks helped the facility avoid an ASA discharge.

Creating A Solid Foundation For Recovery

This video illustrates how the Stages of Change Model is used in RehabWorks as a tool for helping families measure the client's treatment progress. In the case study, the mother was able to recognize that the client was not ready to leave and did not support his request for early discharge.

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